The Most Stolen Coin Images on The Internet
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we should be very flattered.
Many of our images get stolen and copied illegally on websites and eBay auctions.
Not only do they appear on a number of our commercial websites, but they get stolen by many others. We will add a page later explaining copyright law. Suffice it to say for now that copyright subsists in most original works of art including photographs. In most countries it is illegal to use copyright images without the copyright owners permission.
We list below, with links, the sites on which these images appear legally, and also the sites, without links, which use our images illegally. Publication of their identities here does not constitute acceptance of their breach of our copyright, simply that they have ignored our notice to remove them, and we have not yet got round to sueing them for copyright infringement.
Please note that all images on this site are copyright. Please do not use them, copy them, or modify them.
These coins were photographed using our Fuji S1 digital camera, using a Nikon SB29 ringflash, mode manual, aperture 32, shutter 1/90th. The background as for most of our coin images is a sheet of plain white paper. The camera white balance setting were naturally adjusted to this.

Obverse of 1974 Gold Krugerrand

Obverse of 1974 Gold Krugerrand

Reverse of 1974 Gold Krugerrand
Reverse of 1974 Gold Krugerrand
Sites Legitimately Using Our Images
The following sites are our commercial sites which use the above images legally. (This site)

Sites Breaching Our Copyright
The following sites are using, or have used, our images without our permission, and are therefore guilty of copyright theft.

Austin Coins of Austin, Texas, USA

Philip Zetler Jewellers of Cape Town South Africa

Jack Hunt Bullion of Kenmore N.Y., USA

Euro Change of Berlin, Germany (Uses 5 of our images on one page)

HeadLine Gold News of Austin Texas Ebay Sellers Breaching Our Copyright
The following Ebay members hve used our images without our consent, and in breach of our copyright.

bakertownecollectables (1916 London Mint Sovereign)
d_mustin (1967 and 1911 Sovereigns)
four_six_two (1902 Edward VII Crown)
nine7sixlove (15 current + numerous previous). claims to be a collector
helpfulhandz (1974 / 1975 krugerrand)
errol12 (5 x 2002 sovereigns)

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